Sunday, 25 September 2011


I am the happiest and saddest person right now.Finally had the time to visit boyfriend after almost 2 months, I've missed him quite terribly, but had to go back after 48 hours for school. The last time we we're together he surprised me with this....

It's a small paper bag, I thought he bought me a dress... but when he opened it the clothes just kept on coming...Never knew it would fit the bag =p

 Some even had tags on it...

Loved the details...

It was our anniversary last Friday, but he was so busy preparing for the Mechanical Engineering board exam for this Tuesday... so we just decided to take a bite outside, we'll just celebrate after the dreaded exams =))
We went to HID burgers just near the place I am staying... This place have delish flame grilled burgers + cool music and laid back ambiance too. We just kept on coming everytime =))


I had the mushroom melt burger, boyfriend ordered cheese bomb and the garlic chili burger... They we're all good!

You can check it out here: HID Burgers

You can pass the exams! =)

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Cupcake tower

It's been crazy hectic at school lately, with all the exams and projects that I am working on.. it's hard to find time to blog, but this week is our school's business week so hello free time for me =D

I love baking, it's my guilty pleasure and this week is my favorite uncle's birthday so my cousin and I decided to make him a cupcake tower for his birthday party...

 Chocolate Fudge Cupcake

We chose to place chocolate fudge cupcake, carrot and banana crumble.... =p

Banana Crumble Yum!

Friday, 2 September 2011

Braids- How to

Braids Hairstyle Gallery

Braids Hairstyle Gallery (clipped to

Everyone knows braids are a big trend right now. Try the look yourself, Here's how... =D

temptation at its best

temptation at its best (clipped to

and some inspiration..... (clipped to

fish tail braid | Tumblr

fish tail braid | Tumblr (clipped to


GUIDE TO STYLE (clipped to

braids | Tumblr

braids | Tumblr (clipped to


dainty daisies

I love Polyvore if only i can own all my items and put it on my closet...Corset tops and skirts really look good together. I am recently addicted to dainty pieces so here's my style inspiration for the day. Will post look later, for the mean time feel free to comment... have a good weekend =)

Thursday, 1 September 2011


Miss Dior Chérie, L'Eau de Toilette

Miss Dior Chérie, L'Eau de Toilette (clipped to

Hello September!
This is my very first entry... I am quite new in blogging, I've been reading blogs years back and it really inspired me a lot so i decided to take the plunge and make my own... =p

I was inspired by this Dior viola! 

I hope I can post more entries.... =)